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Lainie Diamond  

Press and Testimonials 

"Mezzo Lainie Diamond brought the audience to tears with a tender, expressive a cappella American spiritual."

(Joel Luks~ Culturemap Houston) 

"...the warm and poignant singing of these emotional words by an unaccompanied Diamond" (Danbury News-Times) 

" and the small roles of the other wives were nicely done by young singers...and Lainie Diamond" (New York Times) 

"Lainie Diamond is... a gifted professional opera singer... I had the pleasure of attending the Houston Chamber Choir's Christmas at the Villa de Matel performances in December where Diamond had a solo...I got to hear first-hand just how skilled she is."
(Bobbi Leder~ Associated Content from Yahoo! and Houston Banner) 

"The performances were fabulous. I finally got to experience the work of several artists whom I had not yet seen perform... and Lainie Diamond, who sang to my soul." (Meg Brooker, Isadora Duncan Dancer, 'Tunics in Texas' Blog) 

"Lainie's beautiful voice has given us a glimpse of how God's heavenly choir will someday sound!" (Dorothy Negron, St. Thomas Aquinas Church, Farewell Social Invite for Lainie, New York City) 

"The 'Gloria' was spiritual-like, alternating tunes reminiscent of 'Motherless Child' and 'Amazing Grace'...Mezzo-soprano Lainie Diamond sang with feeling" (Danbury News-Times) 

"Lainie Diamond has a interestingly mannered intensity as Julie, and does justice to the character's trademark song "Bill". 
(New Orleans Times-Picayune) 

"Nice work also was heard from... and Lainie Diamond" (Times-Picayune) 

"Lainie Diamond as a flamboyant Lucy Brown" (Times-Picayune)

Allegory of Hearing Peter Paul Rubens an
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