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Lainie diamond 


Film, Video and Press Highlights

"Letter from the President brought to you by Spokeswoman Eva Sharp - A Windtopia Production, January 2045"

Lainie Diamond plays 'Eva Sharp' of "Windtopia Corporation" 

Mark Chen's Windtopia Production website:

Mark Chen is a photographer, a digital media artist and an activist. Based on still images and videos, he expands to media including animations, soundscapes, installations and performances. The narratives in his work aim to raise awareness on sustainability, climate change among other environmental and social issues. Digital post production is highly integrated into his artistic expression to encompass the essences of fiction, satire and futurism.

“Desert Widow” (trailer) - Jil Guyon

Widow's Walk (Trailer), 2019

Created and performed by Jil Guyon. 

Music Score: Chris Becker 

Singing opera voice and acting voice over: Lainie Diamond

Shot in southern Iceland, Widow’s Walk portrays the Widow character as fated with the
Sisyphean task of walking up and down a desolate hill in an effort to conquer her grief.
Her existential dilemma is further destabilized by troubling memories and a precarious

'Desert Widow': Cinedanse Ottawa, 9/18, and at the upcoming Los Angeles CineFest, 2020. 


Selected for Lincoln Center's Dance on Camera Festival, Feb. 2014, and for Lincoln Center's Dance on Camera Tour 2014. Jil Guyon's "Widow" films are screened at International Film Festivals. 

Created and performed by: Jil Guyon
Cinematography: Valerie Barnes
Editing: Jil Guyon
Original Score: Chris Becker
Percussion + Electronics: SPIKE the percussionist
Vocals: Lainie Diamond

"Jil Guyon is an award winning visual and performing artist based in New York. Her performance-videos have been screened at Lincoln Center’s “Dance on Camera" Festival, "Cinedanse Quebec," "Fashion Art Toronto," and "NOW New Music Festival," among others. As part of the "Toronto Urban Film Festival" curated by Guy Maddin, her video, "Widow." was seen throughout the Toronto mass transit system, averaging over 2 million riders/viewers per day. Guyon's interdisciplinary performances have been staged in Austria, Germany, Japan, Canada and the U.S..."
Artist website:

BRIGID'S PLACE, HOUSTON: December 2014 "Women of real beauty series"

Real beauty is on the inside! Thank you to Lauren Santerre and Brigid’s Place, Houston for inviting me to be a part of this group of women- for December’s ‘Women of Beauty’ series celebrating women.

Brigid’s Place Houston’s Mission: “Provides education, dialogue and celebrations that foster the personal and spiritual transformation of women." :

GREAT DAY HOUSTON! KHOU 11 (Live) with Debra Duncan: Courtney Perna reporting. Lainie talks about being her Houston Laughter Yoga and singing. (1/9/15) :

"Laugh off the pounds with Laughter Yoga"

Lainie talks about and demonstrates Laughter Yoga,  joined by participants from her groups at The Houston Public Library, The Jung Center and organizations. 

VoiceAmerica Empowerment radio broadcast with Lainie Diamond (5/6/14): Ultimate Workout!...of the Mind, Body, and Soul with Suzanne Z. Pedro:

VoiceAmerica Empowerment radio broadcast with Lainie Diamond (5/6/14):

Ultimate Workout!...of the Mind, Body, and Soul with Suzanne Z. Pedro.

Our conversation about Houston Laughter Yoga and Lainie's singing work starts at about :36 minutes in.

'Interview with Professional Opera Singer Lainie Diamond', by writer Bobbi Leder, on Associated Content from Yahoo!

Also featured in the February 2011 Houston Banner Newspaper

"Lainie Diamond is not only a gifted professional opera singer... Read my interview to learn how she started, where she has performed, and how you can hear her sing..." 

The Relics of St. Mary Magdalene Welcoming Mass

"Lainie Diamond and Roger Castellani, organist, will be playing the music for the Saturday, November 14th, 2009, 7:30pm Welcoming Mass of the Relics of St. Mary Magdalene. And again Sunday, November 15th, 12pm, for the bi-lingual 125th Anniversary Mass of St. Thomas Aquinas Church, and Relics visit. 

This is the first US tour of her relic traveling from Southern France, below the mountains of Saint Baume, in the grotto where Mary Magdalene spent the last 30 years of her life. 
St. Thomas Aquinas-Holy Family Church: 9th Street at 4th Avenue, Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY

Lainie featured on WNYC's weekend overnight host Helga Davis radio show, 3/24/09

Lainie's recently recorded Baroque arias added to the playlist of acclaimed theater artist and vocalist Helga Davis' overnight music weekend broadcasts.

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